The affordable website for SME's and independents!!!

The Internet is growing every day, each second new websites are being created. But not only the Internet is growing, it is also becoming more and more important. Almost 3 million belgian families have an internet connection.

More and more people use this powerful medium to look up information. Where you used to look for a product or specialist by browsing the Yellow Pages, these days you look by browsing the Internet.

As a SME or independent it is in your own interest to have your own website online. However this is not as easy as it may look, often the necessary know-how to build a reliable website is missing. When you decide to call upon the services of a specialized webdesign-company you wil soon find out that even a simple website is heavily overcharged; prices below 2500 Euro are rather exceptional. Often then the decision is made to postpone the website-project for a few years.

MVC-webdesign now offers a solution to SME's and independents:
We build your website in full consultation and at a democratic price which was fixed in advance so afterwards you get exactly what you wanted at exact the same price we agreed. No unpleasant surprises!!

Check out this website and find all info about our way of working, our products and our prices and contact us if you need more info, if you want to make an appointment or if you want a concrete tender for the creation of your website.

Don't wait any longer with the creation of your website; the future starts now!!

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